Happy Trees Lodge Loft Game Room Transformation

 This one not only looks like a completely different space...it actually FEELS like it too! 🙌🏻

For this #transformationtuesday, we are so thrilled to share this den transformation with you from @happy_trees_lodge! 🌲 

The entire space was really turned upside down, and I think the only thing we left alone was those beautiful wooden doors to the laundry area, because 😍😍😍😍

✔️ New Flooring 

✔️ New Paint 

✔️ New Window Coverings

✔️ All new functional furnishings, with a sofa sleeper for extra guests

✔️ A comfy feel that makes you excited to relax and have some fun 🤩 

What’s the first thing you’d do in this space? I can tell you my husband put in some MILES on that arcade game! 🥴😂