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Tween Room Makeover

So after MONTHS of doing a little at a time, my ten-year-old daughter and I FINALLY finished up her "Tween Room Makeover"!  We just moved into our new house a few months ago, so the only "before" picture I have is from the real estate photos: But WOW, right?  What a difference just a few easy changes can make!  And if you know me well, you know that I am always designing with budget in read on to see how I was able to make all these changes for very little $$! Here’s what we did: 1) Got rid of the pink paint and instead went with a beautiful  Sherwin-Williams  neutral gray. The color is called "Repose Gray" (SW 7015) and it's the perfect color.  There are really no crazy undertones, which is a tough thing when it comes to choosing a gray. 2) Replaced the chandelier with a more “big girl” ceiling fan/light. You can find the one we got (which is super quiet and comes with its own wall panel) here . 3) Made a gorgeous accent wall with this  amaz