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Floating Shelves Medicine Cabinet

Happy #transformationtuesday! The floating shelf medicine cabinet project is finally done -- but this one comes with a story.  I've talked to death about the fact that I love DIY projects and I have people tell me all the time they can't believe the things I do, but the truth is, I'M STILL LEARNING!  They say your biggest challenges become your greatest teaching moments, and this project was definitely a challenge (ie: I learned A LOT!), in more ways than one. First, after removing the medicine cabinet I realized the wall was going to need a lot of drywall repair.  So, I taught myself how to do drywall repair and wall texture. BTW, YouTube is a savior with stuff like that! Anyway, once I finished that up I went to install my floating shelves, and when I drilled the hole, I noticed light peeking through.  I had no way to know it, but that wall was only 1/2" thick, so I inadvertently drilled right to the other side! I had no idea how I'd still be able to hang floa