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Simple Garage Door Makeover

Upgrading Your Curb Appeal with a $16 Fix! If you know me, you know I love two things: DIY projects and saving money! And this latest project checked off both boxes in a major way. I took my garage lift door from this... THIS !   And it only cost $16!  And did I mention it could not have been easier?!  Some tips: 1 - Be sure to check out a few pictures online first of garages with brackets to decide how you want them positioned. Some garages have a different amount of panels, so it's really about how you want the brackets spaced out. 2 - Measure out all the holes first and draw on with a pencil, and of course make sure they are straight! I use a laser level that is super cheap, but it's always been my go-to.   3 - USE A DRILL BIT TO MAKE THE HOLES! Seriously guys, drill bits are your friend and make any job so much easier.  My favorite drill bit kit can be found here . I love this one because it's tougher material many of the cheap