Make A Great First Impression with Your Entryway!

You know that expression, ‘You only get one chance to make a first impression’? Well that especially holds true with the entryway of your home!

Your entryway is not only the usual first and last stop as the person who lives there, it’s also the very first impression of your home for those outside of your household.  So it’s important to make it both functional and beautiful.  It should be a place where you can set your keys or mail, hang your purse (or face masks) and take off your coat.  But for guests, it’s essentially an all-encompassing welcome mat and should be an introduction of sorts to those entering your home: ‘Welcome.  This is us.  This is our haven. This is what’s most important to us in the world.’ Essentially, the optimal home entrance is a thoughtful representation of the people who live there!

Depending on the size and shape of your entryway, as well as whether you’d prefer function, form, or a mix of both, there are a quite few different furnishings you can incorporate into the space. One easy, no-fail addition is a narrow console table, as you don’t want to block a lot of the walkway.  This is ideal for being able to not only set down items as needed, but it’s also very simple to accessorize.  Consider going with a bold color or unique shape to add interest to the space. 

A bench is another functional and many times classy piece of furniture for the entryway, and a perfect place to both put on and store shoes.  If the bench you love doesn’t have built-in storage, baskets are the perfect solution and can be tucked away underneath to hide shoes or anything else you want out of sight.


Have kids with backpacks or want a place to hang your purse or coat upon entry? Add some hooks above the bench, or even consider a hall tree/bench combo to be able to incorporate both options in one seamless piece. 


Lastly, if you have a rounded entrance or foyer, a small seating area (with one or two petite chairs and a side table) would accentuate the space perfectly.  Again, it’s all about considering not only what option you would use the most, but also what overall aesthetic you want to portray.


Decorations – including those on the wall, any furniture and decorative accents – are what truly ties the space together. Think of the story you want to both see for yourself and tell to others when walking into your home. For your walls, a large mirror or piece of art, family photo collage, or even a personalized family or welcome sign are all good options.  

Small ornamentations like picture frames, candles, plants, vases, lanterns and other accoutrements can add pops of personality, color and texture to your entryway design.


Another inexpensive upgrade that many people forget about when decorating their entrance is lighting. This can change everything as far as ambiance, and whether it’s a floor lamp, table lamps, or an overhead light, every room should be illuminated properly.  A beautiful chandelier, semi-flush mount or even flush mount light instantly transforms and elevates any space, and this especially holds true in a home’s entrance. Top it off with a runner, and you have a ceiling-to-floor customized entryway that makes a big statement.