Update Your Bedroom Without Breaking the Bank


There are so many easy and budget friendly-ways to give your bedroom a facelift without breaking the bank. First and foremost, paint is one of the biggest changes you can make for very little investment.  A coat of paint can freshen up any space and completely change the feel of it.  A light, airy hue can make the room not only feel more modern, but also much larger. And a deep, moody color creates a peaceful, calming haven. Just remember that it’s important to get a sample and test it out on a few walls, since many factors can have a huge effect on the end result.

Every room has a focal point (whether created or structural), and in the bedroom, it’s your bed.  So, have some fun with it and let it be a bit of a statement; a tall headboard, whether upholstered or a hard surface, automatically draws the eye and creates a luxurious feel.  But what’s so great is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money. Often times you can buy a headboard separately and just attach it to your bed frame, topping the bed with plush linens and pillows.  However, those also don’t have to mean expensive – white linens give a clean, bright and crisp hotel-like look, and you can find super cheap options everywhere from Amazon to Home Goods. On that note, if your bed is the focal point of the room, you can make it shine even more by making the wall behind it a feature wall.  Of course there are a ton of paint or wood paneling options that can achieve a statement look, but wallpaper (especially the peel and stick kind) is super inexpensive and simple to install.  And the best part is, if you don’t love it in a few years, you can easily remove it without damaging your walls! 

Updating your bedroom furniture can make a huge difference in the space and also be easy on your wallet; most people walk into an overpriced furniture store, point at an entire bedroom set and say, “I’ll take it!” But the truth is, that can create a very basic, cookie-cutter result and be very expensive. Instead, try to mix and match the pieces to look more designed and curated: for example, an upholstered headboard, unique nightstands, and then functional (dresser or chest) storage in a different finish always works.  Plus, you can get super cheap furniture almost anywhere, from Facebook marketplace or offer up, to second-hand stores, and refinish or paint it yourself for a quick and easy facelift. 

As far as d├ęcor, the most simple bedroom additions can also be extremely affordable!  A large statement chandelier or semi-flush mount would update the space, streamline the design and also provide more lighting, which automatically makes a space feel bigger. But, if you have a ceiling light, it’s important to incorporate either table or floor lamps to balance the lighting and create those secondary light sources.  Otherwise the room could end up feeling a little dreary and dated. Also, drapery can be super inexpensive and also functional in blocking out light and helping to insulate windows (hello, lower electricity bill!).  But here’s the caveat – curtains should almost always be hung as high as possible (NOT right over the windows), because that actually makes the ceilings look and feel taller! Other than that, mirrors can visually enlarge a space because they reflect the whole room, and plants literally and decoratively add “life” to any bedroom. Lastly, one of the biggest changes of all you can make is free, and that is decluttering!  Doing so creates a more clean, open and spacious feel.