Beautiful Functional Entryway Transformation

I always tell clients “It’s already going to be pretty. We just need to make sure it’s functional!” 🙌🏻

This entry is the epitome of that for a couple of reasons:

✨ When we decided we were going to put in new flooring, we had the option to continue it onto the stairs and foyer. We chose not to, first of all to have it truly stand out design-wise, but also because if we did that, it wouldn’t give a lot of contrast between the regular flooring and steps. Thus, making it a HUGE tripping hazard. Any time you have steps, and even if you’re planning to use the same flooring, it’s SO important to distinguish it is some way. That way, your eyes recognize it and are able to note the differing heights.  

✨ One way to do that is with a different color or tile riser, which is very popular right now. But it can even be a simple and laying the flooring in a different direction on the step piece. Or, you can do it in a completely different material all together, like we chose to do here. 

✨ Although we could have done a rounded wood riser, we wanted to do something different for this foyer. Even though we’ve worked with both wood and tile risers before, doing so with rounded steps presents a few issues. So we decided to use this adorable penny tile as a riser, which was the perfect solution because of its small format size - that makes it easily moldable to surface shapes!

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!