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Tips for the Perfect Wall Collage

This week was back-to-back appointments that focused on one of my favorite things: WALL COLLAGES!! 😍  Here are some tips to make sure your wall collages turn out perfectly:  1️⃣) Lay out the collage on the floor to see exactly how it will look. By doing this you can also measure the entire collage and make sure it fits in the intended space. But more importantly, it helps you visualize the final product and make sure it’s what you are going for.  2️⃣) Balance is KEY. Items can have different visual weight despite being different sizes. For example, something that is smaller, but has a pattern or bold color, will have more visual weight than a simple, neutral-colored larger item.  3️⃣) Measure the distance between the pieces while they are on the floor, and then start hanging each piece one by one, continuing to follow the placement you decided upon.  As far as items go, there are always ways to mix in things other than frames; for example, relevant quotes, s