Simple Garage Door Makeover

Upgrading Your Curb Appeal with a $16 Fix!

If you know me, you know I love two things: DIY projects and saving money! And this latest project checked off both boxes in a major way.

I took my garage lift door from this... THIS!  

And it only cost $16!  And did I mention it could not have been easier?! 

Some tips:
1 - Be sure to check out a few pictures online first of garages with brackets to decide how you want them positioned. Some garages have a different amount of panels, so it's really about how you want the brackets spaced out.
2 - Measure out all the holes first and draw on with a pencil, and of course make sure they are straight! I use a laser level that is super cheap, but it's always been my go-to.  
3 - USE A DRILL BIT TO MAKE THE HOLES! Seriously guys, drill bits are your friend and make any job so much easier.  My favorite drill bit kit can be found here. I love this one because it's tougher material many of the cheap kits.  The bits can actually drill through metal sheeting, which is super important if you're using them for projects around the house (window paneling, doorways, and in this case, the garage door!). 

Pretty amazing, right?

If you're ready to dress up your own garage on the cheap, here is where you can get the ones featured here.  Again, these were less than $16, but there are a ton of options.  There are even some magnetic ones if you're not quite sure if you want to commit! 

Happy DIY-ing!