Tween Room Makeover

So after MONTHS of doing a little at a time, my ten-year-old daughter and I FINALLY finished up her "Tween Room Makeover"! 

We just moved into our new house a few months ago, so the only "before" picture I have is from the real estate photos:

But WOW, right?  What a difference just a few easy changes can make!  And if you know me well, you know that I am always designing with budget in read on to see how I was able to make all these changes for very little $$!

Here’s what we did:

1) Got rid of the pink paint and instead went with a beautiful Sherwin-Williams neutral gray. The color is called "Repose Gray" (SW 7015) and it's the perfect color.  There are really no crazy undertones, which is a tough thing when it comes to choosing a gray.

2) Replaced the chandelier with a more “big girl” ceiling fan/light. You can find the one we got (which is super quiet and comes with its own wall panel) here.

3) Made a gorgeous accent wall with this amazing (textured!!) peel and stick brick wallpaper from Target😍 I III

I have used a lot of peel and stick wallpapers, and this is one of my favorites - it was super easy to pattern match, and it was also very durable.  Also, sometimes after peel and stick install I've noticed some shifting -- even from some pretty pricey brands -- and this one has 100% stayed put!

4) Added curtains and my favorite curtain rods, which literally go with ANY decor style, and are energy efficient because they are wrap-around!  You can check them out here.

I love them so much that I've used them not only in my own home, but in TONS of client's homes!

6) Created a fun feature with some old birthday lanterns and twinkle lights (kinda hard to see during the day, but it puts off the sweetest, subtle lighting at night!).

5) And of course, added some personal decor that makes the room truly hers!  

Whenever I am designing a space -- especially one for a teen -- I always try to have at least one feature that unequivocably represents the person who will be using it.  My daughter is super into both Broadway, and superheroes, and I was able to find these AMAZING prints that combined the two.  I then positioned them in a poster frame to be able to display them all. 

And just like that...she has a whole new room!  I'd say we kind of nailed it, right?!