Certified Short-Term Rental Stylist!

 Today is an extra special day, because I get to share very exciting news! 🥳🥳

If you've followed this page for a while, I'm sure you've seen me share the @happy_trees_lodge Big Bear Airbnb that I helped to design. 🐻 (If not, seriously go check it out...and you can get 15% off your stay from now through October if you use the code Grace&Joy!). 🤍

Anyway, that ended up being probably one of my favorite and most rewarding projects in a lot of ways...not to mention intriguing. The short-term rental market is both unique and super popular.  So I figured...why not learn a little more about that specific niche so I can continue to expand my horizons?? 🤓

I am so thrilled to share that over the past few weeks, I took a very all-encompassing short-term rental certification course through Staging Studio, and I am officially a Certified Short-Term Rental Stylist! I learned SO much, and am so excited to bring this knowledge into our offerings to clients going forward! 🙌🏼