Perfecting Your Entry Style

How to Create an Entryway that Reflects You and Your Home

Your entryway is the threshold to your home, and should be the first decorative sentence in telling your family’s story. ❤️ 

It’s key to have a balance between decor and mementos, but also create a space that to you says, “I’m home.” 🏠

For me, my favorite things about this entry are those that are the most special: a picture of my husband and me toasting on our wedding day 🥂 and then a subsequent framed shot of our whole family 10 years later when we renewed our vows...a small memento from our Reverend, who a decade later was gracious enough to perform the ceremony (again), and a beautiful wood block creation, handmade by my best friend. 😍 

Add in a few decorative items from some of my favorite stores (💁‍♀️ I’m talking to you, Target and Homegoods!) and sets the tone for the whole home the minute you walk in the door. ❤️

Want some more tips on how you can snazz up your own entryway?

1) Don't forget about the functional part of your entryway: whether that's a table with storage, some hooks to hang jackets or keys, or a small stool to remove shoes. This especially hold true if you don't have the space for a decorative console table.  Think a bench with storage underneath for shoes, a small side table to be able to set your mail, etc.

2) Add something that catches they eye, whether it's an accent wall, a different texture brought in by a rug, or a big piece of décor (a statement lamp, a glitzy mirror, etc.).

3) Always add greenery: This is the easiest one, and if you're a Black Thumb like me, there are a ton of beautiful faux options.  I always tell my clients that Target's Heart & Hand by Magnolia has some of the best faux stems and plants I've seen.

4) If you don't know what to top your entry table with, you can NEVER go wrong with a mirror.  It adds depth to the space and the perfect touch of décor.

5) Be sure to have balance with tabletop décor. That doesn't always mean it needs to be perfectly identical on either side (although that is definitely something you can do), but having symmetrical décor creates a sense of balanced visual weight.