Front Porch Makeover

I love my new porch so much, I might invite all friends over for a “Porch Party”! 😂😍 I was so tired of my old bright and beachy Adirondack chairs right in front of our house, so I brought in more neutral colors, some black for drama, and of course the cutest fairy lights ever from Amazon! 💡 

They were super easy to hang (I just drilled level holes 10” apart, screwed in some small hooks, and viola! And let me tell you, once those lights come on, it is something so special!! It’s now my kids’ and my favorite place to hang out...we go sit on the porch (me with a glass of 🍷) and have what we call a “porch night.” The MINUTE they turn on in the evenings, I’m like a moth to a flame, wanting to go hang out on our front porch! 💡 And at just over $15 bucks, they were worth every penny!!

All in all, this whole makeover cost less than $500, the bulk of that being the gorgeous chairs...but to me, those were the must-have’s for this project! Again, just further proof that you don’t always have to spend major money to make a big difference!

Want to do your own porch makeover?  Here are my shopping links: