Floating Shelves Medicine Cabinet

Happy #transformationtuesday! The floating shelf medicine cabinet project is finally done -- but this one comes with a story.  I've talked to death about the fact that I love DIY projects and I have people tell me all the time they can't believe the things I do, but the truth is, I'M STILL LEARNING!  They say your biggest challenges become your greatest teaching moments, and this project was definitely a challenge (ie: I learned A LOT!), in more ways than one.
First, after removing the medicine cabinet I realized the wall was going to need a lot of drywall repair.  So, I taught myself how to do drywall repair and wall texture. BTW, YouTube is a savior with stuff like that! Anyway, once I finished that up I went to install my floating shelves, and when I drilled the hole, I noticed light peeking through.  I had no way to know it, but that wall was only 1/2" thick, so I inadvertently drilled right to the other side! I had no idea how I'd still be able to hang floating shelves on such a thin wall, and one with no studs. So I went to my "friendly" neighborhood hardware store, one that I frequent so much that some employees know me by name, and described my dilemma to an older gentleman working the floor.  He didn't get it, and he made sure to let me know that.  He kept telling me he didn't "understand why I'd even want to do that," and then tried to give me screws or other hanging implements that were clearly not right.  And every time I tried to describe it again, he would sigh and shake his head (or roll his eyes), telling me there was just no way to hang them. I haven't really experienced this too much before when doing projects, but I really felt like I was being dismissed and not taken seriously.  Maybe it's because I'm a woman or maybe it's because he is old school and just couldn't see my vision; regardless of the actual reason, I walked out of there not only not getting helped, but being made to feel like I was not qualified to complete this project.  I mean, if the guys at the home improvement store couldn't figure it out, how could I?
Well I did - and it's not the most seamless idea, but guess what?  It worked!! I got a piece of plywood that was just slightly larger than the four holes I drilled for the floating shelves, and used tiny nails to attach it to the other side of the wall; this way, the floating shelf screws had something to attach to.  Then, I literally hung a canvas print over it. Again, it maybe wasn't the single best solution, but it was one that I came up with when others told me there was no way to do it!  My takeaway?  YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO.  Don't let others determine your worth, and if there's something you want done, sometimes you just gotta do it yourself!